Who Are the Greatest MMA Fighters of All Time?

Who Are the Greatest MMA Fighters of All Time?

As the most successful MMA fighter of all time, Jon Jones is the only one of these four to have fought in UFC. His early career was filled with victories and was highlighted by a stunning knockout win over Johny Hendricks. Today, Jones is considered to be the best MMA fighter of all time. The only problem with the list is that it doesn’t take into account the different weight classes.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva, a Brazilian fighter, is another legend in the sport. Despite his controversial past, Silva was a dominant fighter who did not settle for regular knockouts. His brutal combinations of strikes would have his opponents curling up after landing. Later on, Silva won the UFC light heavyweight title and defeated James Irvin, Forrest Griffin, and Stephan Bonnar. He has won more than 80 fights and is the only MMA fighter with no career losses.

The UFC has many greats. Regardless of weight class, a legendary fighter can be considered one of the best. If you look at the statistics, however, you’ll find that many of these athletes have a history of cheating. For instance, some of the best MMA fighters were suspended for taking PEDs. This has affected the rankings of MMA. It’s difficult to predict who will end up on top in every category, but some athletes have been on the podium for a long time.

Georges St-Pierre

GSP retired as two-weight champion after defeating Bisping in the second round of his middleweight debut. So, if you’re wondering Who are the greatest MMA fighters of the all time, then start your search. If you want to be part of the great MMA era, there are a number of legendary MMA fighters who are worthy of your attention.

The MMA world is incredibly diverse. Among the most influential fighters are Anderson Silva and TJ Dillashaw. Both MMA fighters have the capability to dominate any other type of fight. The best fighters are those who have the ability to fight in all styles. Ultimately, the greatest MMA fighter is the one who can make a fighter better in their particular area.

Moreover, there are two other MMA legends. The most well-known MMA fighter is Miocic. He is the only person to have defended the heavyweight title against the three rivals who have dominated the sport. He is also one of the most prolific MMA champions of all time. The best MMA legends are always the ones who have a great fighting style and a healthy chin.