Trampoline Workouts for Stand up MMA

Trampoline Workouts for Stand up MMA

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Conditioning for MMA is no easy task.  Traditional workouts don’t focus on many of the muscle groups required for proper combat sport conditioning.  One minute you’re bounding from traditional to south paw stance, using head movement to keep your opponent guessing while jabbing your way in to a better angle.  Seconds later you’re fighting off a single leg, hopping on your free leg, trying to hip out.  Seconds later, you’re scrambling for better position, hoping to avoid a side or full mount.  Before you know it, your opponent has side mounted you and now you’re trying to shrimp to a better position and get proper under hooks so you can spin/hip heist out.  The muscle groups being used here not only cover pretty much your entire body, but they include muscles you probably won’t use in any other scenario.  Hence, finding proper workouts can be a challenge.

Grappling workouts – Wrestling Drills

Wrestling Drills are perfect for take down and take down defense conditioning.    Thankfully, the wrestling community has been perfecting these techniques for decades upon decades now.

Stand Up Workouts – Trampolines

One of these areas includes cardio conditioning for prolonged

That sense of fun is one of the important reasons that trampoline workouts have become increasingly popular across the globe. Using a trampoline for exercise is like taking a long look back towards childhood when things were simpler and there was joy to be taken from even the simplest of tasks. Exercising using a trampoline is not only a way to get a great workout – it is quite simply enjoyable. Possibly the mechanics of using a trampoline contribute to the fun – at the top of any bounce there is a moment of complete weightlessness – and that is a wonderful feeling. Of course, there are no free lunches in exercise – at the bottom of the bounce gravitational force doubles – and the body must compensate for that – and this is where the effectiveness of trampoline workouts really shines.

They say that variety is the spice of life – possible this is another reason why so many people have taken up trampoline workouts as part of their exercise program. This type of exercise allows the individual to exercise (and target) specific parts of the body – while at the same time getting a work that allows the body to act as a single organism. This makes it the ideal exercise for those who want to get fit for life – it provides us with a level of fitness that increases our enjoyment of everyday tasks – which involve the entire body – not just specific muscle groups.

However, that said – those who want to burn fat and tone up a specific part of the body will have almost complete freedom to do so with a variety of different exercises. These can involve lunges, kicks, squats, and free arm movements (feel free to reduce stress by punching)- and the result of using this piece of equipment is a workout that delivers a whole lot – cardiovascular exercise, improvements in balance, stability and power.

Trampoline workouts are a fabulous way to enjoy a low impact exercise session. The low impact nature of the workout means that jints (for instance) are not subject to the same strains that other cardio workouts may provide. The ‘rebounder’ absorbs much of the shock to the joints making this type of exercise suitable for all ages and weights.

If you are looking for that perfect combination of fun – and an effective exercise program that you can undertake either at home or in the gym – then take a look at trampoline workouts and put a bounce in your step.