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Hiking: A Great Exercise to Enhance Your MMA Training

\When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, athletes are always looking for ways to improve their physical fitness, endurance, and overall performance. While traditional training methods like sparring, strength training, and conditioning drills are essential, incorporating other forms of exercise can provide additional benefits. One such activity that complements MMA training exceptionally well […]

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Trampoline Workouts for Stand up MMA

Conditioning for MMA is no easy task.  Traditional workouts don’t focus on many of the muscle groups required for proper combat sport conditioning.  One minute you’re bounding from traditional to south paw stance, using head movement to keep your opponent guessing while jabbing your way in to a better angle.  Seconds later you’re fighting off […]

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Frank Shamrock’s Personal Training Advice

“Develop your body as a weapon” -Frank Shamrock Here Frank Shamrock gives newcomers some overall philosophical advice and then specific training exercises.   Aside from building up your cardio and helping you lose weight, these exercises also work the muscles you use in MMA. The Art and Brilliance of Your Own Personal Trainer We all want […]

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